We store raw materials, semi-finished products, merchandise and frozen goods at -25 ° C. We have modern storage capacities: 

  • Classic warehouse
  • Frozen goods warehouse - refrigerator at temp. -25 ° C
  • Warehouse at temp. mode 15 - 25 ° C
  • Customs warehouse

Besides warehousing we also provide the following services: 

  • Loading, unloading, stock control, unpacking, sorting, packaging, repacking, palletizing,  commissioning, marking, labeling, counting, weighing, fastening goods to the vehicle
  • Insurance of goods for the time of storage and storage manipulations
  • electronic transfer of documents, keeping stock records, taking care of efficient stock movement  (keeping optimal stock)
  • informing and reporting information relating to goods
  • issuance of goods according to the FIFO and FEFO method.

When storing, we follow ecological, HACCP, and other standards dictated by the customer or the  type of goods.

The warehouse staff is properly trained to work with our customers in a friendly and high-quality  manner.

Carinsko skladišče Kozina

Visoko regalno skladišče s klasičnim temperaturnim režimom je skladno z veljavno carinsko zakonodajo v RS.

Vsa skladišča so opremljena s sodobno informacijsko in skladiščno opremo.
Skladiščne kapacitete imamo na več lokacijah v neposredni bližini našega poslovnega centra.

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